Magic or Resonance

This is the part where we set up Spellcasters or Technomancers. If your character chose Priority E for Magic or Resonance (has no magic or resonance), then you can skip this step and go to Purchase Qualities.

If your character is a magic user, stay on this page and follow the instructions.

First, some terms. 

Magic is a special attribute, alongside Resonance and Edge. The number in parentheses next to your metatype on the Priority table is how many Special Attribute Points you have. 

There are three schools of magic that Magicians and Shamans use: Sorcery (Spellcasting, Counterspelling, Ritual Casting), Conjuring (Summoning, Binding, Banishing), and Enchanting (Alchemy, Artificing, Disenchanting). 

Drain is the price paid for wielding magical power. Some spells have Drain values on them, which means if your Willpower is not strong enough to resist the Drain Value, you will take Stun Damage. In other words, in Shadowrun, your character can cast spells of any level as long as they're okay with possibly blacking out afterwards. 

Power Points (PP) are units for measuring Qi, the form of mana that Adepts channel into their spells and abilities. Adept spells each cost a certain amount of PP, and PP can only be restored by a meal and a good night's sleep. An Adept's number of PP per day is the same as their Magic stat.

If you're a Magician or Shaman, pay attention to this: here's the process for casting a spell.

  1.  Choose the spell you want to cast. Magicians purchase spells during character creation and can only choose from the spells they know or have learned.
  2.  Choose the target. Some spells require line of sight, some work through mirrors, some only require hearing the target, some require touch. 
  3.  Choose spell force. When you cast a spell, you can choose its force to determine how powerful it is. The higher the force, the higher the drain, so make sure you have the willpower to withstand any spells you cast or you may black out.
  4. Cast the spell. Roll your Magic + Spellcasting. The number you get determines the effectiveness of the spell, up to the limit of the force rating you chose in step 3. 
  5. Soak the Drain. Each spell has its own amount of Drain it will inflict when you cast it. Drain only deals Stun Damage to you if it's higher than your WIL + INT if you're a magician, or CHA + WIL if you're a shaman.

Casting a spell is a Complex action by default. You can Recklessly Cast a spell to make it a simple action, but this will add +3 to the drain of the spell.



Magic or Resonance

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